What's new in 2020?

Hello Cherished Readers,

Now that we have welcomed a new year, I'd like to share an exciting new short story and novel that will be published this year for your reading enjoyment.

As many of you know, four of my short stories have been featured in Scout Media's Of Word anthology series. The latest edition is titled A Game of Words. Each author submitted a story that centered on the theme of a game and I chose the Magic 8 Ball. My title is Behold, the Answer!

When little Timmy Baxter spends summer vacation with Grandpa John, he stumbles upon a Magic 8 Ball tucked away in a box. When Grandpa John explains that the Magic 8 Ball never lies, Timmy is intrigued. But when Grandpa John misuses the Magic 8 Ball to taunt the little boy, events spiral out of control in a way the old man could never imagine.

A Game of Words will be available for sale at a future date.

My fourth novel, presently untitled, will be released this spring/summer. The story is a griping psychological thriller centering on a young married couple in Wisconsin.

It was only a harmless prank ...

Vicki Martin's world is shattered when she discovers her husband, Tony, has deceived her by preying on her vulnerabilities. Instead of confronting him, she decides to exploit his most terrifying childhood memory in her determination to seek revenge.

After all, a good scare never hurt anybody, right?

Stay tuned for release dates on both publications!

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