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Before the busy holiday season begins, it's important to take time to relax and what better way than with a good book or two (or three!)

For a limited time, the eBook version of my novels, "Something's Not Right With Lucy," "Unraveled Ties," (the sequel) and "Finding Laura" are on sale for only 99 CENTS!

Seven-year-old Lucy sees

Wonders ... she's keeping a secret

and suffering the consequences. Her

mother punishes her for lying, but

Lucy knows the entities she sees

are real. Only one person knows the

trauma she's endured ... and

he's not talking.

The Campbell family saga continues ...

The Campbell family sags continues as Lucy's sister, Daisy, believes she's survived their traumatic childhood ... but has she?

Miranda Melton kissed her three-year-old daughter, Laura, good night and never saw her again. Determination to find her daughter replaces grief when Miranda's family and psychiatrist explain Laura isn't missing--she's died a year ago. Will Miranda's search uncover truths she is not wiling to face?

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