Release Day: "Unraveled Ties."

I'm happy to announce the release of my second novel, "Unraveled Ties," which is the anticipated sequel to "Something's Not Right with Lucy."

After the horrific event that changed their lives twenty years ago, the Campbell family attempts to bond and bury past hurts, but it's not easy as it seems. Not when everyone has a hidden agenda and guarded secrets.

New characters are introduced and readers will discover with delight (or maybe disgust) that some original characters have not changed their vile ways. While other characters will be seen in a new light, changing the reader's perception of the citizens of Endover and Greenville.

"Unraveled Ties" is available at my website, for a reduced price of $8.99! or sold at all major retail outlets for $12.99.

Thank you, Cherished Readers, for the fantastic reviews. I sincerely appreciate each one.

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