Unraveled Ties ... a new release!

On January 30, 2018, I released my debut novel, Something's Not Right with Lucy.

Being a new author, I anxiously awaited readers' reactions to my book. When positive reviews were posted, I was humbled that so many people enjoyed my story. I was surprised at a reoccurring question that readers often asked, "When is the sequel coming out?"


I had underestimated my readership's emotional investment in the characters and the world I had created. Sequel? Sure! Convinced I had much more to the Campbell family saga to tell, I began to write Unraveled Ties.

This is a stand alone story that takes place twenty years after the original story, introducing some new characters while featuring Daisy Campbell, now a twenty-five-year old struggling with past hurts as she navigates adulthood.

Unraveled Ties is available for pre-order exclusively through my website, dawnmtaylor.com. Readers receive a $4 discount, free shipping, and a signed copy all for only $8.99.

Unraveled Ties will be available in both print and eBook at all national retailers on November 30.

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