When Readers Request A Sequel

I released my debut novel, Something's Not Right with Lucy, in January of this year.

Like many authors, I anxiously awaited readers' reactions. Sure, my short stories had always been well received, but this was a novel. Over seventy-five thousand words carefully chosen to evoke all sorts of emotions.

As the first reviews appeared on Amazon, I sighed with relief. My novel was receiving good reviews. Then, it happened. A reader on the Goodreads forum asked the question: when will the sequel be available?

Sequel? I had never planned to write a sequel or a series. "Lucy" was a story I had carried in my head for years; the only story I had chosen to write.

Amazon reviewers also were inquiring about "the"sequel as if I had an ace up my sleeve and would release it any minute.

I had underestimated the readers' investment in the story line, so I imagined how the characters' lives would have evolved over the next twenty years. Then I got busy writing Unraveled Ties.

I am pleased to announce Unraveled Ties has a projected release date in November!

Readers will once again venture into Endover; the sleepy Midwest village where secrets are whispered and never repeated.

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