Author Spotlight: J.M. Ames

Today's interview is with author J.M. Ames. Readers who have followed the "of words" series, remember his heartbreaking story, The Last Ride, which appeared in A Journey of Words.

Showcasing his talent as a multi-genre author, his story, Only The Dead Go Free, not only earned a coveted spot in A Haunting of Words, but he is featured on the cover.

What is your story about? Wendy flees from her abusive boyfriend, daughter in tow, to her families' cabin in the woods, only to discover what is already residing there is far worse. The story is based on the Transpose song of the same name.

What inspired you to write this story? The desire to write a disturbing tale about a haunting, coupled with the imagery captured by the lyrics of the song.

How long have you been writing? Professionally, since January 2016. As a hobby, as long as I can remember.

What genres do you most associate with your writing? I am definitely a multi-genre author. I don't really stick to any of them exclusively. I usually try to evoke some kind of emotion, include something unusual\weird, and to incorporate a twist. With that in mind, Fantasy (all kinds), Horror and Sci-Fi probably make up about half of my work. Rock Fiction (stories based on songs or albums) are becoming a fairly common thing for me, too.

What are you working on right now? How much time you got? I have too many works in progress to go through here, so I will go through the ones I think you can see from me in 2017:

Not Yet Dark: War devastates a man's life, and he goes to extremes to get revenge on those who've hurt him. Based on "Masters of War," by Bob Dylan. Fourteen Years: Non-fiction biography of my best friend of 38 years, and his struggle to return to his life to normalcy after a horrific accident that left him heavily injured and another of our friends dead. The River Sticks: An elderly man awakens in the middle of the night to discover his long-dead wife and poker buddies are back for one night only. Stakes are high, as he must now play for his own life. Somewhat inspired by (but not based on) Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt." I have several other completed works I am actively marketing to various publishers.

What else do you have published? "The Last Ride," which is available in the A Journey of Words anthology.

What advice do you give to new writers? Read, a lot. Write even more than that--never stop. Hire a good professional editor. Use Beta readers, but only make suggested changes that you agree with and make sense, or a large number that readers suggest. There are many paths to becoming an author, not just one--find your own path.

Where can people find your work? (includes links to many other Social Media platforms)


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