Author Spotlight: Travis West

Today's featured author from the anthology, A Haunting of Words, is Travis West, with his story, "It's Not Okay, If It's Not the End."

This was one of my favorite stories in the book, and when you read it, you'll understand why.

What is your story about? With the help of a late music icon, a newly deceased rock band embarks on a cross-country trip to help their drummer deliver a message to his ex-girlfriend.

What was your inspiration? The punk band Rancid has a great song called, "Ghost Band." I heard it one day and I knew I should write about a phantom music group. Originally, the band wasn't going to meet anyone famous, they were just going to meet their late heroes. As a matter of fact, the original title was going to be, "Do You Think we'll Meet Keith Moon?" Then I happened upon a quote attributed to the rock star in question and the entire story unfolded in my mind within minutes. Funny how that works. I feel this is my deepest story yet, even if the premise isn't entirely original. In hindsight I realized its about regrets. Regret over loved ones left behind to achieve fame, and those used as stepping stones for the same purpose.

How long have you been writing? Seriously writing only three years. With a story published at the end of each year.

What genres do you most associate with your writing? The majority of my short stories are speculative fiction, but I don't think any of them fit into a Sci-fi/Horror/Fantasy box. I've only in he last few months discovered Slipstream. All ideas I have for possible novels are more contemporary or literary fiction.

What are you working on right now? Right now I'm working on my own project. I'm writing a series of short stories involving a government shadow group who over the past century and a half attempt to infiltrate an alien race for their own nefarious purposes. Each story takes place in a different period of time from the 1800's until now. It's very "pulp" and heavily influenced by old comic books and magazines, such as Weird Tales and Planet Comics. The stories will be strange, violent, funny, and hopefully readers will find it to be entertaining.

What else do you have published? "The Most Beautiful Boy" is available in A Matter of Words, and "The Errandsman's Folly" is available in A Journey of Words.

(My note: only Travis West and Brian Paone are the only authors to appear in all three anthologies in the Of Word series)

What advice do you give to new writers? Keep writing of course, and always hire a professional editor. A great editor is an invaluable asset. If you use beta readers, which I do recommend, us a balance of men and women. Even if you don't use a beta reader's suggestions, at least give those suggestions ample consideration. Don't assume your story is perfect simply because you think so. A wise person once said, Your ego is not your amigo.

Where can people find your work?



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