Author Spotlight: Lauren Nalls

Today's interview is author Lauren Nalls speaking about her story, The Rub, which is published in A Haunting of Words with my story, Pepe.

What is your story about? It's a journey into the hell of the human mind and soul; from the line that splits reality and madness, to the place the rules of the game of life and death, become blurred.

What inspired you to write this story? This story was inspired by one of my current works in progress. I was thinking about what happened "after" and this was the result. I also pushed myself to see if I could write outside my usual genres.

How long have you been writing? I've been writing professionally for three years, but I've really been writing my whole life.

What genres do you associate with in your writing? Great question! This particular story is way outside my comfort zone as a macabre thriller, and was a challenge for me. I normally write dramatic fiction, historical, and women's fiction.

What are you working on right now? I'm currently working on a historical fiction coming-of-age story. I have a few more works in various stages of development as well.

What else do you have published? My other publications include my short story, "Loose Ends," (A Journey of Words, Scout Media, 2016,) and a poem, "Burgeon," published in Fredericksburg Literacy Review (Spring 2014, Vol.2, Issue 1) I also have blogged for Fredericksburg Parent and Family, "Tortoise and Hair" series, 2014.

What advice do you give to new readers? Read, study, practice, and learn from mentors you trust. Keep going, don't give up. Subject your work to critique but don't get upset at criticisms. Writing is an art and it's up to the artist to discern what advise to keep and what to reject, but always be kind and grateful. That being said, air isn't completely without rules. We have to learn the rules, or exceptions, then break them with intention.

Where can readers find your work? and

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