Sequel to "Something's Not Right With Lucy." 

Twenty years ago, an unspeakable crime shocked the residents in the small farming community of Endover. Daisy Campbell was a five-year-old when her family shielded her from the horrific event that tarnished their lives. Now, as an adult, she longs to know the facts. Her father is confident he knows what is best for his daughter and refuses to discuss the poignant incident. Daisy desires a productive life but struggles to maintain friendships and employment. She belives the key to her future is understanding the past and begins searching for the truth. A chance encounter with an enemy--one that Daisy believed had vanished from her life--brings a new urgency to her quest. She must decide if healing her damaged childhood is worth the risk of having her nemesis reveal Daisy's own explosive secret. Can Daisy strengthen her family's bond or will their legacy remain tattered in unraveled ties? 

Unraveled Ties