Newlyweds Tony and Vicki Martin share a hobby--scavenging vintage treasures from abandoned country houses. Disregarding his wife's fear of the paranormal, Tony coaxes Vicki to explore a decrepit church bordering a neglected graveyard, When Tony finds a unique jar inside the parsonage, Vicki is excited to add the beauty to her collection until she discovers a curse. Frightened that the ominous message threatens their unborn baby, Vicki insists Tony replace their pilfered caches to nullify the malicious omen they have unleashed. Unknown to Vicki, her husband concealed his selfish motive for orchestrating the mysterious trip. Refusing to restore his valuable finds, Tony assures Vicki he will protect their family. Confident his scheme is successful, Tony scoffs at his wife's anxiety and the ridiculous notion he has enticed evil into their lives. Tony is not only shrewd, he is mistaken. 

The World Ajar

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