Fans of psychological horror: 

meet the Campbell family

Seven-year old Lucy Campbell is keeping a secret and suffering the consequences. Her father dismisses her recurring nightmares, believing they are just a childhood phase. Lucy's troubles spill into the daytime when she interacts with decedent images she calls Wonders.


Her frustrated mother punishes her for lying, but Lucy knows the entities she sees are real. Only one person knows the trauma the child has endured ... and he isn't talking.


Lucy's turmoil extends into the classroom when the school bully's taunts exacerbates her bizarre behavior. Miss Harding is alarmed at her formerly timid student's unpredictable outbursts. The teacher's efforts to seek help for the little girl are hindered when Lucy commits a horrific offense.


Will Lucy receive the treatment she so desperately needs? 


Or is it already too late?